Author Guidelines

  1. The research articles uploaded to Nosyon must contain at least 4,000 words, except Öz, Abstract and References, the articles that contain words between 2,000 and 4,000 are considered as Short Article.
  2. In the articles, the rules of APA 6th are valid except the following rules.
  3. Articles that do not follow the spelling rules will not be included to the referee's process.
  4. Nosyon uses double-blind review.
  5. Articles should be in A4 size, 2.5 cm from all sides, 12 font size, Times New Roman and single line spaced.
  6. The “Öz” and “Abstract” should be 10 font size, between 200-300 words and written in one paragraph.
  7. There should be at least 5 keywords in the articles.
  8. All the titles should be left-aligned. The title of the manuscript should be 14 font size, bold, all other titles should be 12 font size and bold. Except for the proper nouns and the first word after the double dot, the first letter of all the headings should be capitalized and the other words should start with a lowercase letter. Titles should be enumerated with numbers.
  9. Before all titles, there should be 12 nk space and after all titles, there should also be 6 nk space.
  10. The first paragraph after the headings is not inserted, the other paragraphs should be indented 1.25 cm.
  11. There should be no spaces between paragraphs.
  12. Direct quotations of more than four lines should be 10 font size and it should be written with 1 cm space on the right and left and there should be 6 nk space both before and after.
  13. All legal responsibility of the articles sent to Nosyon belongs to the authors.